Victoria Leigh

Victoria Leigh

Victoria LeighVictoria Leigh is a feisty nineteen year-old, from Mesquite TX. She fell in love with country music as a young teen and has been singing it ever since. Now, the fun-loving teen enjoys performing a wide range of country music styles in both local and national venues.
Victoria Leigh made her debut on the Rodeo City Music Hall stage in Mesquite, Texas, which launched a string of local appearances while she was still an involved Honors student at John Horn High School. She performed not only at local festivals such as the Ellis County Music Fest, the ProJamFest, and Real.Texas.Festival, but also at professional entertainment venues such as House of Blues – Dallas, CMAFestival 2014, and local nightlife bars such as the Spice Rack and Fast Eddie’s. Victoria also likes to use her other talents and skills to enhance her performances. A competitively-trained dancer, model, and actress, Victoria loves to find new ways to express her spunky, often daredevil-ish personality through her art. Even more than that, she loves that music gives her a venue to help others through charity performances such as her appearance at Operation Care and many others or simply through touching audiences with her music.
Ultimately, Victoria Leigh’s dedication to the country music scene will lead her to move to Nashville to surround herself with other artists and musicians who share her passion. In pursuit of this dream, Victoria decided to graduate from high school early, in January 2014, and prepare herself for the relocation.

Victoria Leigh was Featured Artist of the Month for June with Nashville Universe!

She was so excited and honored to have this spot!  “Thank you Sherri Justice,, and for this honor!

It means so much to me.” Doing my video “Southern Prince Charming” with Sherri was an amazing experience and so much fun.

I never dreamed when I began working with her that she would be able to help me open so many doors.

I am also finishing up my first EP which will be released soon. She has helped me go from being a local opry circuit, festival, and local nightspot singer to the next level – performing in Nashville! Writing my first song, recording it, and making a video have been many firsts for me as I begin my journey in the music industry.

Thank you Sherri and The Beauty of Music for helping me begin to live my dream of being a country singer/songwriter.

victoria leigh