The Sharecroppers

the sharecroppers
The Sharecroppers this year celebrate their 28th year as a trio from Newfoundland. Appearing first as a trio in 1988 at a school cabaret where all three members taught high school, Ed Humber, Guy Romaine and Mike Madigan have been entertaining and doing what they do best… sharing the culture and heritage of Newfoundland.

Performing mostly for Cruise ships, coach tours, convention and conferences that visit the west coast of Newfoundland, The Sharecroppers sing their original songs from their three cds to date: NATURAL, This New Founde Lande, and Home Boys! With humour, wit, stories, great three-part harmonies and fine instrumentation on guitar, standup bass fiddle, mandolin, and tin whistle, the trio can entertain a crowd for a night to remember!

Having been sent by the Newfoundland Dept of Tourism to folklore cultural festivals in Seoul Korea (ISME International Society for Music Education), Bristol England (InternationalFestival of the Sea/Cabot Celebrations), Brandon Manitoba (Jeux du Canada Summer Games), Bonavista,Newfoundland (June 24th Cabot 500 Anniversary Celebrations with Queen Elizabeth) and many other tourism related events, the Sharecroppers over 28 years have provided their listeners a rich exposure into our Newfoundland culture, humour, and musical traditions.

Often receiving letters and emails from visitors stating the Sharecroppers quote were the hi-lite of our trip to Newfoundland! close quote. Ed, Guy and Mike simply smile with satisfaction of another Newfoundland show well done.

The Sharecroppers of Newfoundland are songwriters and musicians (former highschool teachers now retired!) from Pasadena, Newfoundland.

…….. We were pleased to be asked to perform at the prestigious Writers at Woody Point Festival ( We also performed shows at the Caplin-Cod Festival, Triton; Fish Fun &Folk Festival, Twillingate; Pasadena Come Home Year; Corner Brook Day; Canada Day Margaret Bowater Park Corner; TNL’s Who Darkens our Door T’nite, Shallow Bay Theatre,Cow Head and……..many Coach tours and Cruise ships! We receive lots of letters from Cruise ship folks who visit our island and often they say we were the musical highlite of their cruise! We have played to an audience of 400 aboard the Seabourn Quest to audiences of a 1000 on the Norwegian Cruise Lines. The theatres on board some of these cruise ships are true Arts and Culture venues.

Our first CD “NATURAL” included popular original songs One Room School, The KYLE, Newfoundland Autumn, My Grandfather’s Fiddle, Mill Whistle, The Legionnaires, Lest We Forget, The Engineer’s Song, Freddie’s Tune, Twenty-Five Miners. All the songs were well received and played often on CBC.

Our 2nd cd was THIS NEW FOUNDE LANDE which we launched in Bristol England when we were asked by Nfld Tourism to play at the International Festival of the Sea in 1996. See our discography for details.

…….In 1992 we represented Newfoundland at an I.S.M.E. festival in Seoul, Korea and since then, have entertained for national and international conferences, CRUISE SHIPS and COACH TOURS, while always remembering some of our best performances right here in Newfoundland in Parish and Legion Halls, Orange Lodges and schools and Churches. Our show is clean, very entertaining and musical!

Our 3rd cd was “Home,Boys!”, a wonderful cd that is so clear and entertaining. You’ll love it too. Songs like Crowd From Up the Hill, Grenfell, Life in the Outport, Rosin the Bow, This Island, and even a bonus song Maggie Madigan-Titanic Survivor. 13 songs in all!

We really hope to see you at one of our shows this summer 2016. You’ll be wonderfully entertained Newfoundland style!! That we promise!!!!!

Cheers~~~~ Ed, Mike & the “other” Guy. lol (Ed Humber, Mike Madigan, Guy Romaine)

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