Tanner Massey

Tanner MasseyA quick bio on how Tanner Massey got started when he was 10 years old.

A little over 6 months ago, he had never sang in any fashion really. Being in music previously (long time ago), I can tell if someone can “sing or not” (you know, I climb the walls and walk out if someone is off tune .

Tanner started singing while he was playing video games.  At first, I just thought “ah, he is singing”, until I listened one night and noticed he was pretty good at it.

I ask him if he would let me get a voice teacher to help him and he said he wouldn’t because “he wasn’t that good.” Being a dad, finally got him to agree to a guy to come out.  The first question the voice teacher asked me after hearing him sing was “who was his voice teacher before”.




Tanner MasseyHe was shocked when I told him he hadn’t had one yet. Out of about 10 lessons, the voice teacher was able to make his voice a bit more powerful, but was not a good fit at all for my son.

Side note: About 1 month after this, my son told us they had a “Honor Choir” up at his school.  He still believed he wasn’t good, but we made him try out. Out of 20+ kids trying out, only 4 made it.

He was one of the 4.  He told me that he tries to sing last because he still thinks he isn’t good, but they had the first solo part of the year, the teacher made everyone try out. Needless to say, he tried out last.  When he finished, the other kids were clapping and the teacher stated “We have our soloist”.

That was all about 13 months ago.  Tanner is now 11 years old.

Tanner MasseyToday, Tanner has sung for many incredible venues like the McSwain Theatre in Ada (Where Blake Shelton got his start), the Rodeo Opry in OKC, the Heartland Opry and is continue to be invited to other venues around Oklahoma and in March, a venue in Texas.

In addition, about 5 months ago, Tanner was signed with a Music Manager out of New York named Richard Radice  (Richard Radice is mentored by Steve Tusio, formally of Warner, Elektra, Atlantic)

Tanner fly’s out in March to work with producers in LA.  Tanner is starting song writing until that time and recording demos on the weekend.

His passion for music falls into the pop category but he also does sing Christian and Country too.


When asked on a interview who he would like to model himself after, Tanner thought for a second and responded, I would just like to model myself.


Tanner has accomplished the following accomplishments in the Summer of 2015.

  • Sang for the Heartland Opry Concert series at the Country & Western Hall of Fame
  • Sang for the Country Music Singer’s Association (CMSA) at the Open Mic event
  • Performed multiple videos for YouTube.com
  • Conducts a weekly performance and Q/A on Periscope

As Tanners voice gets progressively better, we will be looking toward for original content and opportunities. We are excited for him to full-fill his dream.

Links to videos
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcetT0vv7M0 (Dream Night Talent show)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWezyzodKaY (McSwain Theatre)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qteK0MaNsc (Heartland Opry)


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