Maike Gönni

Maike GönniMaike Gönni is a German singer songwriter from Wuppertal. Her songs are written in English and would be considered pop/dance.

At the age of 5 Maike Gönni started to play the piano. Later on she continued in music but changed the direction to musical theatre. She took a three year musical theatre program at a private school.

After that she recognized that the theatre world wasn’t 100% what she was looking for. She always had a strong attraction to pop music with strong female voices who did lot of runs and ad libs. Of course, she sang along to these songs all my life, so why not do her own stuff?“

So two years ago, she started to write own songs , compositions with her own lyrics.
There was one artist that changed her whole view of being an artist and a singer songwriter.: Sia Furler

“I appreciate her music so much, because her songs are very deep and meaningful. The lyrics are so emotional but still sophisticated and poppy, a combination I want to reach with my originals as well. In my opinion she is what I can consider a real artist“.

MaikeGönniShe spent the last year at McNally College of Music studying Voice and Production. In this time she has written a lot of original songs, around which she will build her first EP. Back in Germany at Robert Schumann University in Düsseldorf she already started to record these songs and create arrangements for them.
So, with good fortune, the EP will be released soon.







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