Karianne Jean

karianne jean

Karianne Jean was born to be a star. At the young age of 2 years old she started singing every Disney Princess song she learned.

Karianne JeanHer mother, a classically trained vocalist, encouraged her to pursue any dream and taught her proper technique when singing. Jean’s influences range from Mariah Carey to The Eagles to Patsy Cline to Kelly Clarkson.

She says that her home was always filled with music and her mom always played great voices which Jean would mimic as a young girl. At the age of 12 years old she started writing songs. She says, “They were mostly poems back then but I always wrote to a melody in my head, they were acapella songs I guess haha.” Since then, Jean has taken Songwriting classes in college and employed a music theory teacher, Los Angeles’s Andrew Weitz, who taught her about the musical side of the songs she’d been writing for a decade. He also taught her to play basic piano which she feels brought her craft full circle. “When I learned how to make sense of chords on the piano to aid in my writing it made everything so much clearer to me! Finally I could write a song top to bottom without any help if I wanted to.”

Jean grew up in Palmdale, CA, a small desert town about 2.5 hours from Los Angeles. She moved to Studio City, CA at 22 years old and lived there for about a year while she worked with a producer by the name of Craig Stull who she co-wrote her most recent single with, “Cactus.” Of working with Mr. Stull she says, “He taught me so much about the production and recording side of being an artist. You don’t think about things like over pronunciation or consistent vocal volume when you are just singing to sing, he made me a far better recording artist & I can’t thank him enough. Craige also really understood my vision for the songs I was writing. He valued my opinion and creative ability and helped me to bring one of my favorite song’s I’ve written “Cactus” to life.”

Today, Karianne Jean is living in Nashville, TN to dive into the songwriting and country music community head first. “I don’t do anything lightly, I knew if I wanted to make it in Country music I would have to move to Nashville eventually so I just took the plunge with the support of my long-time boyfriend, family and friends. This is what I have always known I was meant to do and I’m just so ready to live in the journey” says Jean.

Recently, Karianne released her newest single “Cactus” which is a song about growing up. “It’s really a song about what made me who I am and a lot of that is where I came from. I always want to show my fans who I am. They are so supportive and sweet and open with me, I want to be the same with them” says Karianne. “Cactus” since its release this summer has received numerous outstanding reviews from many different facets including a 5 star overall rating on itunes & amazon, numerous outstanding 10/10 reviews on Reverbnation’s CrowdReview, multiple write-ups on the strength of the song and it has even been nominated as “Country Song of the Year” at the 2015 IMEA awards taking place Oct 24, 2015. Jean says, “I feel so blessed to have such strong support for the song! It isn’t your typical lovey song, it’s about real life and how the struggles of growing up make you stronger. I’m just so happy that people can relate and have found a place in their heart for it.”

Karianne Jean has created a large following on social media over the last year which has grown her brand immensely. With 10k+ likes on facebook & 30.6k followers & 2 fan-created Karianne fan accounts on twitter, Karianne proves her “Genie Army” shouldn’t be underestimated. Of her social media following, Jean says “I’m not really sure how it happened. About a year or so ago I was going to put out a demo single I had cut for Craige and I realized that I wanted more than just my friends and family to hear it and in order to make that happen I had to get real about my brand. I read up on social media marketing and how to engage a fan base and started working those practices into my every day routine. I made more consistent youtube videos and posted more about myself on twitter and facebook, I made a strong webpage and started growing. I decided to call my fans “genies” because of my name “Jean” and because they were one at a time making my dreams come true, like a genie. I also believe that we all are in charge of our own wish granting and I want each and every one of my fans to know that they have the power to make their own dreams come true too.” In addition to a large social media following, Jean is rising in the ranks of country music on many different facets. Her single, “Cactus” is currently being played on numerous online radio and podcast country stations, as well as consistently trending on Reverbnation. Karianne competed in the highly publicized NashNext Country Challenge to be the next Country Radio sensation which is the birth child of the brand Cumulus media & NASH and made it to the top 40. She has also remained in the Reverbnation Top 10 Country Artists in Nashville Chart for months at a time. Karianne was also nominated as “Female Country Artist of the Year” at the IMEA awards, which honors excellence in Independent music & Theater.

The success of Karianne Jean is inevitable. Not even a year into her residence in Nashville, she has collaborated with some of Country music’s brightest new stars and has learned from the best in the business. Andrew Rollins, songwriter for the show NASHVILLE & Todd Murphy, Founder & CEO of OneWORLDOneVOICE, of Karianne have said “Her lyrical ability is unmatched & her voice is GOLDEN.” Hit songwriters, Shelly Peiken & Eve Nelson have said “Why have I never heard you before?! I want you to sing all my demos you are so so good!” after hearing Karianne sing in a showcase for the ASCENT EXPO in LA. Michael Dulaney, who has written #1 hits for artists such as Faith Hill, Collin Ray, Jason Aldean, Reba McEntire & more, has acted as a mentor to Karianne & stated “You have what it takes to make it in this town.” Nashville Songwriters Association Evaluators have said “You write GREAT melodies! Don’t change a thing!” & “I don’t say this often…

Karianne JeanThis is a MILLION DOLLAR idea you have created!” of some of her most recent songs written. NSAI also categorized Karianne as one of their highly acclaimed “ONES TO WATCH” for her song “Cactus.” Many comments in the Reverbnation Crowd review hailed “WHY ISN’T THIS SONG ON THE RADIO ALREADY?!” of her song “Cactus.” Many fans that have seen her perform live have said “I want to see your show over and over! Your voice is so strong, it sounds like the record every time!” & “Your energy is off the charts!”

There is no limit to what this rising star will accomplish! Karianne Jean would make an excellent addition to your event!