The Love of a Child

In my quest to search for aspiring young artists I will never forget this young ladies Twitter reply back to me when I followed her. Sami Murphy

sami murphy

I genuinely appreciate you following me! I’m on Twitter as a way to share my love of music! I just turned 12 and have 4 recorded songs. I’ve been to Nashville twice to record. I live in Houston and continue to work on my songwriting and performing 💕🎤🎶💕. I’m the youngest of 6 kids and family means everything to me! If you want to stay in touch, here are my social media sites: . Instagram – SamiBamiMusic. Take care and let me know how I can help you back! Sami 😘👏😘👏😘



After reading this I became very intrigued and made an effort to follow up on her and listened in amazement the voice this young lady has and the way she portrays herself as a singer/songwriter speaks for itself. I then went back on Twitter and messaged Sami asking if she would be interested in being featured in our online magazine and of course the answer would be YES with her parents permission. I look forward to following Sami in her wonderful journey in the music industry. That being said Sami is now a part of our Magazine and we will be Featuring her in our Jan 8th PDF Magazine as well.

Well that was the start of my quest to find new artists and before too long I had 41 aspiring artists featured in my new magazine and the total will only grow throughout 2016

Writer-in-Chief Randy Lockhart


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