Believe in Yourself

I have spent many hours scrolling through tweets and facebook posts from young artists and paying special attention to what sets them apart from others following their own dreams of becoming a professional musician.

It is not difficult to separate the good from the bad, and if I get goose bumps when listening to them sing then I know they will go far and for that reason I will approach them and Feature them in my magazine. One young artist that comes to mind definitely got my attention when I first heard her sing on Americas Got Talent and that singer was none other than Jackie Evancho and I still follow her career even today.

I look at the many thousands of followers the young artists have and I have to wonder, why do these people follow and share tweets and posts??  Do these followers actually buy any of the music from the artists they are following? or is it because they just want to be a Fan because they like the singer or music, or is to boost their own Fan base going on the assumption that “if I follow you , you will follow me back” mentality.

I learned very early in my Webhosting Business that I needed to know where the clients were coming from and why they were choosing me to provide services for them, and I think young artists should follow this same line of thought. When someone follows you or posts on facebook, take the time to follow up with them and ask why or what it is about you that compelled them to follow you. It is not enough that you perform for people and gain many new friends, but if you plan to make a living as an artist for years to come, then you need to be selling your music.

Always take the time to engage with your Fans and answer all their questions. A good example of this was recently posted on youtube by Haley Rose with a Q & A Video  and I watched the video to see how she was engaging with her Fans and I remembered when I used the same techniques with my own clients, but only through phone calls or via emails.

I also found through tweets and posts that many artists are at a stalemate and do not know where to turn for guidance or support when they are struggling with their inhibition to perform well, but then I have to take into consideration the ages of these young artists and although I wish I could just wave a magic wand and perform mirachles for them, but I have to sit back and see where it leads without compounding the situation.

I also realise this is all part of their growing up and becoming more and more confident and sure of themselves and building self-esteem to handle peer pressure because this is a very hard industry to succeed in.

With that being said I will look at ways I can convey a message of encouragement to the young artist to help boost their confidence level.

In my search of young artists, these artists below in my opinion definitely fit the bill of being Top Artists and Celebrities., and for that reason they have all been featured in my magazine

  1. Daria Stefan
  2. Sami Murphy
  3. Kelsie May
  4. Camryn Wilson
  5. Beamer Wigley
  6. Grant MacKenzie
  7. Hannah Richardson
  8. Sienna Morgan
  9. Maggie Baugh
  10. Carly and Martina
  11. Haley Rose
  12. Makayla Lynn
  13. Stacey Farkas
  14. Naomi Bristow

Editor In Chief Randy Lockhart

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