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12439330_1097289400322597_4158391176457532220_nDREAM DROP, we thought we’d update you a little bit on what’s next for us and what you can expect in the coming months.
We are currently waiting to get back in the studio to record an acoustic version of “Sleepless Nights” and a brand new song.
We are also in the planning stage of a EU tour that will at least include The Netherlands and Germany.

We’re stoked for the future and are looking forward to playing live for you all.

“I’m not gonna stand up forever.
I’ll fight everyday make it worse or better.”
Into Two and the rest of our EP is available on Spotify, iTunes YouTube and much more!
Thank you! ❤️


Band Members
Joar @Insidiox – Vocals,
Zorro @zorroartfors – Guitar,
Edling @Edliing – Bass,
Max @maxhemberg – Turntable/Keyboard,
Olle @ollebemgrd – Drums


dreamxdrop If you want to follow our personal accounts you can head over to @insidiox  @ollebemgrd @maxhemberg  @zorroartfors & @edliing – thanks!