David Britt


david brittBorn October 1 1975 David Britt is a Country Music Singer/Songwriter on the Spectra Music Group Label.

David grew up playing fiddle and singing in the choir, but didn’t start to write music until 2009.

It had been a life long dream of David’s to write and sing, and when a series of life changing events took place that year, David began his journey.

Since that day he has written over 700 songs and has released two albums, “David Britt” and his current album “Country Flow”.

David says his biggest influence in music has been The Oak Ridge Boys.

Joe Bonsall, a 40+ year member of the group is a close friend and mentor of David

David resides in Charlotte NC with his 2 children.


david brittApril 16th David Britt is headlining and hosting a big benefit concert to raise money for pediatric brain cancer research. Its called “Singin’ For A Reason” In charlotte at The Neighborhood Theatre you can find all about it at

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