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dan profittDan Profitt Started first band in St. Petersburg Florida called the Outpatient’s and quickly became a household name at the ACL Club in the early nineties which led to meeting a few professional bands including Dutch and the Master’s and Delores Telescope.

After splitting up wen’t on and played around the west coast beach establishments and became a regular at several spots including Beach-nuts, The Undertow and Hank’s place. “something began really “gnawing” at him knowing this was not what his “Soul was leading me too”.

After many disappointment’s and barely making enough money for shelter and food, he Decided to do the logical thing after he knew his timing wasn’t right and years of frustration, wen’t to radiologic technology school and quickly began working in Hospital’s, Trauma center’s and traveling the united states as an healthcare worker.

dan profittHe knew he gave music all he had, even if it was just cover song’s. “Music was just something to listen to now” This seemed to pacify his unrest inside him for awhile but something was still causing unrest in him. Several years later he began to become very tired, to the point it was hard not to lay down a lot. Soon to come he was diagnosed with Renal Failure and only had 5% kidney function.

Before he could take in the shock of the Doctor’s saying this will probably kill him, he was rushed to the hospital for an emergency Dialysis catheter in his neck to start critical Dialysis. During the next Two years he was dying a slow painful death and was getting weaker and weaker.

Within that time he lost his Mother,Brother,Aunt,Uncle and step father who helped raise him. He sank in severe depression and heartache and decided he needed to write some song’ of his own before he passed. Finally a Donor kidney became available but the Doctor’s told him he was to sick to get it, due to a huge pneumonia and large amounts of fluid outside of his chest wall. All hope was lost, so he thought.

dan profittWhen he was at his lowest point, he wen’t outside to beg the lord to take him. A light shinned on him and said “you never lost faith. I’m going to take care of you now If you don’t do Dialysis tonight, you will never have to do it again”. Six hour’s later he received a call from the transplant center that they had another kidney.

Lung’s were clear and the pneumonia was gone. After a short recovery he began trying to write song’s but didn’t know how. Had some pretty good beginning’s or part’s of choruses but nothing solid. Returning to work he found that this job was way more difficult now. Severe pressures from boss’s to do what he considered un moral and unethical, He resigned but didn’t know what he was going to do.

He woke up one morning and heard God speak. “What would you like my son”. He said he wanted to be a world famous songwriter. Just day’s later he started hearing song’s in his head. ” sometimes I would hear complete song’s with words and everything, or sometimes just a cool Title for a song like The Crying Cowboy”. Not knowing anything about how to write them down and play his guitar to arrange them, he turned to God to show him. He began writing some great tunes like the Crying Cowboy and Where the river flows.

dan profittAfter some time he had a lot of song’s and song part’s but still couldn’t make them shine or at least “get these song’s right like I hear them in my head”. Quickly running out of money and going through a bad divorce, he bgan to realize he was in trouble. He called on the lord again to hear, ” trust me and do not worry”. He quickly became excited even though he was not eating or sleeping and very Sick and depressed.

Started to focus on his 12 best song’s which not knowing how to record, sing or still write the song’s down, he trusted God. He stated putting his demos on Reverbnation and soon was discovered by Malcome Springer who has produced records for Matchbox 20, collective soul and recently produced the Spiderman soundtrack as well as other professional bands. Malcome took him under his wing and introduced him to Ronnie Honeycutt and William Casey Davis, A very established professional guitarist who was up and coming.

Ronnie was the the front man for Roufus Fountain and was the frontman and original member of Jackyl. Ronnie introduced him to people like Brian Mabry, Garth Brooks tour manager who said, ” you got some good music” which really gave him confidence. He he was a nobody and for someone with brians stature and experience wouldn’t just say that. Quickly Dan began an overnight songwritting machine. Malcome said he
“might be one of the best songwriters I’ve ever heard” Ronnie said his “hooks are insane”.

dan profittHalf way through his album Malcome was producing and Ronnie was engineering, Malcome stopped everything and said, “are you sure these are your song’s, we won’t be mad but he needs to know now”.

He said no they were not his, But they were God’s. Malcome, Ronnie and casey looked at each other and smiled and the rest was history. During getting five of the ten song’s down, Dan was hit with the settlement from his divorce and had no more money to complete the last five.

“It was like you see the light at the end of the tunnel coming, but then an earthquake comes and closes that tunnel”.

The guy’s completed his EP for no more money. Two weeks before the EP was getting ready to be done, Dan ran into another obstacle.

He had to come up with money to make the CD’S after to sell to hope make some money back.He received an email from Jamal Marquis Franklin.


dan profitt

Who was A Sony ANR guy who also had friends in Big Machine records, and liked my demo on reverberation and became friends with him.

Soon learned he was a scammer and tried to steal my music. His real name was Benjamin Flood. And the story stops here for now.

Hopefully I will get signed one day by a reputable label. Ep is finally complete and now I’m saving money to complete my album.

Really need a few sponsor’s or a label to help with studio fee’s so I can get my song’s heard…



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