Dale Sechrest

Dale Sechrest

dale sechrestDale’s musical journey has taken him to several places and has allowed him to meet many people along the way. Being a ‘background guitar player’ in the movie, ‘Breaking Away’, having Dennis Quaid inquire about his Ovation 12 String; to playing a song for Jim Nabors, playing and meeting Grandpa Jones and his son at the Ozark Folk Festival, having a chat with with the ‘real’ Batman: Adam West on a tv set, playing music on the sidewalks, bars, dinner cruises, television, radio, his music has allowed him many wonderful opportunities, but the thing that amazes him the most is the wild notion that some people like to hear his music.

Dale Sechrest cherishes the moments when he has played along with other musicians and singers, probably because most of his life he has played solo. “Those times when there are others playing just thrills me, and they make the music, I’m just along for the ride. And what a great ride it is” says Dale.

Dale started playing guitar after getting one for Christmas when he was 13. “I wanted drums” he says. Mother had other ideas. Thank you mom.

The first time Dale actually ‘performed’ was in high school and it just grew from there.





dale sechrestHis first CD was ‘Speed of Light’, of which the title track was played on many radio stations on full rotation. One station played the CD continuously for six hours.

Dale’s second CD was all acoustic. ‘Worship’ came about after a couple of people from church asked him to record some music that may assist them in their prayer time. A very simple recording with very personal songs.

One of his songs, ‘It’s All About Love’, has been used for a radio spot for New Song Mission, a refuge for modern-day orphans and the fatherless in Indiana and “I’m proud to have a connection with such a wonderful organization” says Dale.

Dale is Currently working toward recording two CD’s during this year and highly considering re-issuing ‘Speed of Light’ with some changes.

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**UPDATE Feb 2 2017 **

Join Dale on Feb 9th at 7 pm for a benefit concert for The Love Chapel.