Alicia Carol


Praised for her voice soulful texture, Alicia Carol is a versatile country-pop artist from Carroll County, Tennessee.



Carol has always had a deep passion for music and her singing voice has been influenced a great deal by Gospel music.

Currently in the studio finishing her debut album, Carol assures that it will be filled with songs that resonate with women and men. It will feature a mix of ballads and up-tempo style songs. Her first public release was titled “Never Enough” which is an emotionally charged song about a woman that gives a man everything but it is never enough. “Never Enough” speaks to Alicia’s seven-year marriage to a man that emotionally and mentally abused her despite her giving him her everything she had.

acwebhostmagTwo additional tracks were released in the Spring of 2016. Those songs titled “Stay At Home Mom” and “I’ve Raced That Train” are also songs that will be emotionally charged due to the emotional impact those songs have on Carol. “I’ve Raced That Train” is a follow-up to “Never Enough” and relates to being away from the torture of the abusive relationship for over four years and finally being able to rid her heart and soul from all feelings for him. “Stay At Home Mom” is a song that means the world to Alicia since she has missed so many nights at home as a self-employed nail technician for the last 25 plus years. All of Carol’s released music are available on iTunes, google music, amazon music and over 120 other digital outlets.

“Never Enough” was reviewed and the reviewer had this to say, “Very touching introduction and words. A romantic song that is very beautiful in country style. I love the voice and the high pitch range in the song. The song make you feel that passion in it and the heartfelt message. I really like this touching song and the music was beautiful. The song itself made you want to listen to it over and over again.”



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