Alan Heart

Born in Quebec city, Canada, Alan Heart always knew music would be a big part of his life. However, his date with the music world would have to wait…


allan1The fact that both Alan’s parents grew up in poverty but achieved great careers through education meant that studies outside the classical fields of education were not allowed for any of their five children. It could not even be considered as a serious topic for discussion in the Heart family. Adding the fact that Alan was a boy who needed to keep busy to stay out of trouble, his parents were convinced a classic education in a private school was the best thing for him. He attended everyday, got good grades, but he could never find his calling outside of music. This is why after high school, he enrolled in a one year foreign exchange student program with AFS (American Field Service) and went to Venezuela to broaden his horizons.
In Venezuela, he learned Spanish and became an adult. But most importantly, he discovered live music at a scale he could have never imagined. Music everywhere. Soon he could not stop going out and watch the horn players bring him into another world. It was a great time for him and this was the place where he discovered his desire to travel the world. However, after one year away from home, he came back still confused about what he wanted to do with his life.


Alan decided to get back to his life’s passion: Music. He attended school to obtain a diploma on “How to start a business in the music industry”. This is where he found the people that would help him take his music further. His teacher listened to his demo tape and told him he would like to help. He introduced Alan Heart to Peakafeller, an electronic DJ who is also a studio director as well as a studio owner. They got along great from the first day and started working together in 2015 to make Alan Heart’s first album, “My Time”. The Pop/Rock album reflecting Alan’s musical influence from travelling the world will be released in February 2016 under the “Belzebuth Records” label.

AVA Live Radio Behind the music series featuring Alan Heart. Jacqueline Jax interviews Alan Heart, an independent singer/songwriter, about his new album “My Time” and about his artistic journey. The interview includes a great photo/video of Alan Heart’s next radio single “Haze”, great discussions as well as beautiful footage and images


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